Rejuvenate your Life!


This program is designed to teach you healthier habits and to provide you with a holistic perspective on wellness.

This is not your average program. While food and exercise play an important role in health and wellness, in order to reach our true wellness goals, we must go deeper. Our wellness status does not come only from the food we eat and the calories we burn. To be truly well, a person has to be well from the inside out.

Each day this program will focus on a different aspect of well-being. It’s all about taking baby steps and learning how to take care of yourself day to day. The biggest changes all start from small steps.

Are you ready to get started? I’m excited to see what transformations you’ll undergo!

INCLUDED IN YOUR PROGRAM: Your own 30-Day Wellness Transformation Program e-book, a private Facebook group, inspirational posts, e-mail coaching support and bonus copies of my meditation CD + yoga DVD!

DATES: May 1st - May 30th

COST: $175



Body worries are a really distracting force, a force that takes away from your power, your truth, your passion. A negative body image keeps you from realizing your best self.

This program will teach you how to transform your relationship with your body from a self-defeating struggle to an experience of body acceptance and gratitude. Through guided meditations you will learn how to treat your body with the love and kindness it wholeheartedly deserves!

Seeing yourself in a way that is not just linked to your physical appearance is essential. After all, you are much more than the way you look! The aim is to cultivate an understanding of your unique purpose; what you want your life to stand for. This will enable you to engage in a life that has more balance and is less dominated by appearance.

Gain the freedom and flexibility to be yourself!

($3 shipping)



Do you have difficulty maintaining a healthy and balanced relationship with food?

Are you curious about the deeper dimensions of Yoga and how it can help with food related concerns?

This program is an inspiring solution!

In the spirit of compassion, Josie guides you on a soulful journey towards restoring a harmonious approach to eating and building a loving relationship with yourself as an energetic whole.

Suitable for all levels, this DVD includes 3 Yoga sessions. Cultivate a whole person approach to eating through developing awareness of the body-mind-spirit connection.

Part 1 Knowledge of Body
Part 2 Awareness of Mind
Part 3 Connection to Spirit

Approximately 160 minutes

10% of the proceeds from this DVD
will go towards Maasai Girls Education Project (MGEP)

($4 shipping)