Yoga Workshop


join me at Yoga Loft, Manhattan Beach on Sat, Feb 16th from 12:30-2:30p.m.

for a yoga workshop that is all heart!

For many of us, the majority of our suffering comes from relationships: heartbreak, betrayal, abandonment, isolation, rejection, family trauma, divorce, unresolved conflicts, the death of a loved one, boundary issues, old grudges, unmet expectations...

FREE YOUR HEART is a workshop for anyone looking to find their way through these sort of painful life challenges - with yoga as a sacred companion!

In a safe space you will have the opportunity to connect deeply with the following tools:

  • Yoga for releasing stored emotions, memories & traumas in the body.

  • Breathing techniques for transforming difficult mental & emotional states.

  • Specific asanas for opening & healing the heart.

  • Guided meditations for improving your relationship to self & others.

  • Mindfulness skills for cultivating forgiveness, lovingkindness & inner peace.

  • Journal exercises for rediscovering your joyful self & waking up to the vibrancy of your life!

In a time that calls for more love, this workshop invites you to free your heart!

We will come together with the shared goal of approaching relationships and the challenges of our everyday lives as vehicles for self-awareness and growth.

Through the blessings of our hearts may the world find peace!

Open to all levels.

$25 early bird / $30 day of